Steg, Liechtenstein – Halfway up the Liechtensteiner Alps

Making our way up from Triesenberg, the next stop in our trip through Liechtenstein was in Steg, a small village in the Liechtensteiner mountains. It is accessible only through a tunnel. Steg is so small that its population is simply added to the municipality of Triesenburg rather than counted separately. The grand total population therefore is just over two thousand. So why would you go to Steg, I hear you ask? Well if you went in the past, it was the site of Liechtenstein’s only ski jump. Today, we stopped there for the views of nature and the Liechtensteiner Alps from within.

We came across a small group of houses that basically just followed the road out of the tunnel and around to the farthest village in Liechtenstein, Malbun. What we found there besides the houses was a wonderfully small lake which, combined with the storm that was moving in at the time, made for some very scenic views, some of which are pictured here. If you had more time to spend there (we, unfortunately, did not), you can enjoy the views from the Restaurant Seeblick on the side of the lake.

Here are some more photos from Steg and the Liechtensteiner Alps:

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