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How to make Japanese Rice – a guide by Just One Cookbook

So you are facing a problem: you either bought or someone gave you Japanese rice and now you need to cook it. How is it different from other types of rice? Do you need more or less water? How thirsty is it? Do you need to wash it? In short – what are all the…

Immersive language learning online and offline

Guest Blogger: Nick Eley is the Co-Founder of English Like A Native and has become fluent in Spanish and Thai while travelling.   What is immersive language learning? Immersive language learning is the process of surrounding yourself with a language and culture.  At its best, you take away all of the options to engage with the…

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Hello! Welcome to TeachTranslateTravelRepeat. My name is Jamie. I’m a freelance German and Spanish to English translator from the UK. I am also currently taking a break from being a German and English lecturer/teacher while I learn Japanese intensively. I am currently based in Japan until (at least) October 2023. My passions include learning/teaching languages, translating, and travelling. This is what ultimately led me to create TeachTranslateTravelRepeat (TTTR). Read more

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