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Kokura Castle, Kitakyushu, Japan

Nestled in the middle of Kitakyushu, a small city on the northern coast of Kyushu sits Kokura Castle. Kokura Castle, which dates back to the start of the Edo period (finished in 1608), was the seat of the Kokura domain in Kyushu. At the time, it was separate from Fukuoka (which didn’t exist yet as […]

Paragraph Structures in Scientific English

In previous articles we have looked at linking paragraphs, linking sentences, and how to write sentences in Scientific English. These articles have had a common theme: structure. This article is also part of that series, focusing on the two types of paragraph structures in Scientific English. What is a paragraph? Why does it need a […]

How to Link Paragraphs in Scientific English

In How to Link Sentences in Scientific English, we looked at how to link sentences by taking elements from one sentence and connecting them to parts of other sentences. Before reading this article about how to link paragraphs, you should read that article first. This article will be using information from that article. Linking Paragraphs […]

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Hello! Welcome to TeachTranslateTravelRepeat. My name is Jamie. I’m a freelance German and Spanish to English translator from the UK. I am also currently taking a break from being a German and English lecturer/teacher while I learn Japanese intensively. I am currently based in Japan until (at least) October 2023. My passions include learning/teaching languages, translating, and travelling. This is what ultimately led me to create TeachTranslateTravelRepeat (TTTR). Read more