Where am I? Who are you? What is this place? What is TeachTranslateTravelRepeat?

Welcome to the TTTR FAQ. If you are asking these questions, it means you have landed on TeachTranslateTravelRepeat! Let me see if I can answer your questions.

“Where am I?”: TeachTranslateTravelRepeat (or TTTR for short) is a blog that I run that has three focuses: teaching languages, translating (languages) and travelling. In fact, these focuses are so integral to the blog that they even form the name!

“I? Who are you?”: My name is Jamie and I am the sole writer/editor/(bad) photographer of TeachTranslateTravelRepeat. You can find out more about me and what I do on the About Me and this Blog Page.

“What is this place?”: Well as I said, this is my blog. Here I post about trips/adventures that I have done as well as teaching topics that I find interesting or would like to share. If you are more interested in teaching topics, head to my Learning English page. If you are more interested in seeing and reading about trips, you should look here: Travelling the World.

Why did you start TeachTranslateTravelRepeat?

There wasn’t really a singular reason why I decided to start TeachTranslateTravelRepeat. I felt as though I wanted a place to document my travels as well as create resources and explanations for students learning languages. Sometimes I go into language history or linguistics (such as The Most Important Word in the English Language and its History), sometimes I stick to grammar topics (A Review of Active Tenses in English) and sometimes when I come across really fascinating topics, I just talk about languages in general (Speaking German in an MRI).

Why are there sometimes delays between posts?

Well, to be frank (although my name is Jamie) I am a busy person. This blog is done in my free time and sometimes I don’t have a lot of free time, especially when I am in the middle of the semester and have a few writing classes. Not only do I then have to mark/grade those assignments, I still have translation work to do as well. Both of these combined take up a lot of time, which means I don’t have enough time to devote to this site. If you find it annoying to check back every so often, what I would recommend you do is sign up for updates. You will be sent an update via email when a new article is posted. If you have a WordPress site of your own, you can follow this blog by using the “follow” function in WordPress Reader.

Do you use TeachTranslateTravelRepeat to make money?

At the moment, no I do not. I want to make this blog as unobtrusive as possible and so don’t want to constantly be asking for money. You may see an ad (if you aren’t using an ad blocker of any kind) but these should be unobtrusive as well. Officially I make a few cents per 1000 views, meaning that I don’t make anything at all as the threshold for payment is €100. At this rate, it would take me years and years to make any kind of money.

TL; DR: no.

Can I help in any way?

Ever thought about guest writing? It is actually something that I have only done for the first time recently. Do you have a blog/website and are looking for a guest writer? Send me a message using the Contact page and we will see what arrangement we can come to =)

Can I use your photos?

If you are using the photos for a free purpose (i.e. not making any money off them), you can use them with credit (something like “Image: James Brooks”) and a link to where you found them (i.e. this website or the specific page you found it on).

I want to use a photo for a non-free purpose. What can I do about that?

Use the Contact page to send me a message and we can figure something out.

Can you do a translation for me?

It will depend on several factors such as the type of translation, length, due date, other work I have at the time, etc. The best way to find out is to contact me.