Malbun, Liechtenstein – High in the Alps

High in the Alps in microstate of Liechtenstein lies Malbun, a small town a few kilometres from the Austrian border and Liechtenstein’s only ski resort. It has a single access road (through Triesenberg) to access Malbun. Malbun lies in a U-shaped valley; as one would expect from a ski resort, is mostly hotels, restaurants and other ski resort-related establishments.

As our visit to Liechtenstein was in the summer, Malbun was very quiet. The ski season was off and we only encountered locals. So what is there to do in Malbun if you are not there to ski? Well, there are the restaurants, which we did not try, and a nice tiny little chapel close to the village on a path into the mountains.

The little stone church is a very cosy affair. I would estimate that it could comfortably fit 20 people on the pews and that would be it. It was a tiny chapel and with two people standing at the back, it already felt as though we were taking up a lot of the space. After taking a quick look around the town, it seems as though this is the only chapel. I assume that the entire town gathers here (or at least those of a religious leaning) for any congregations or religious ceremonies.

As you can see from the image, the church itself was nothing special. It was a simple Apline chapel. What I actually remember from the chapel was the views from the outside of the surrounding valley. The chapel looks down the valley that leads to the lower lands near the Rheine River which is the natural border between Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

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