Tintinhull Gardens, England – Weekend Paradise

Set amongst the rolling farmland of Somerset, TIntinhull is a house/gardens combination; it sits in the tiny village of the same name. To visit the house you have to rent it from the National Trust and stay there for at least 3 days. As a result it is not open to the general public.

The gardens however are a different story. Although they are only open at weekends, the gardens are worth the visit. This is especially true if the weather is beautiful.

The house itself is of 17th-century architecture. It was bought in 1933 by two gardeners, who created the gardens today. They then left it to the National Trust in 1961, which has run it ever since. Because of this, Tintinhull is the “Gardener’s Garden”, appealing to many.

The gardens primarily follow a grid system, although some of the gardens are rectangular rather than square. Each block has a different focus; some examples include the vegetable garden, the pool garden and the fountain garden. Some focus on aesthetics while others pay tribute, such as the pool garden. It was created to remember the nephew of the couple in 1933 who died in the Second World War.

Visiting Tintinhull

As I mentioned above, Tintinhull is only open at the weekends from 11 AM to 4 PM. They also stop admissions 1 hour before closing (so 3 PM). Tintinhull is located here on Google Maps. As you may notice on the map, there is free parking at the gardens for visitors. Afterwards you walk through an orchard and arrive at the entrance. Entering the gardens costs £5.50 for an adult; however it is free if you are a National Trust member (£72/year if you are 26+, £36 for 18-25, £10 under 18).

If you would like to rent the house, you can do so here. You have to rent for at least 3 days, which costs £1299. It has 4 bedrooms and can sleep 8 people. In total that would then be €54.13 per person per day. Not a bad price all things considered!

Here are some more photos from the gardens:

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