Pont de Pedret (Pedret Bridge and Church of Sant Quirze), Spain – High in the mountains

Since around the 10th century, a church and bridge of some kind have stood in a secluded location near the River Llobregat near the town of Berga. Fast forward eleven centuries and today, the Pont de Pedret and the Església (Church) de Sant Quirze still stand. The Inventari del Patrimoni Arquitectònic de Catalunya (Inventory of the Architectural Heritage of Catalonia) list them as essential to Catalan cultural heritage.

Both the Pont de Pedret and church date from 13th centuries. The latter was updated from pre-Romanesque to Romanesque style and expanded at the same time, then restored in the 1960s. You can drive up to the bridge now; you have to walk to the the church as cars cannot cross the bridge.

If you would like to get out into nature, this is one of the places that I would recommend. The church is on the western edge of the Serra de Picancel. The Serra de Picancel is a long and jagged hill-mountains at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains; the views are naturally wonderful. Make a day trip out of it and take a picnic to eat once you have reached the church. From here, you can go further into the Serra or down to the river. Both afford beautiful views, so I would recommend either (or both!).

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