Pedraforca, Spain – The Double-Peaked Mountain

Pedrafroca, located between the Provinces of Barcelona and Lleida in Spain, is a mountain in Catalunya. Mountains in Catalunya, you say. What is so special about a mountain when the Pyrenees run along the northern border?

What makes this mountain not only special but also a symbol of Catalunya is its rare shape. It is a single mountain that has a twin peak. it is not visibly connected with any others (such as the Pyrenees to the north). A valley separates these peaks, giving this mountain its distinct look.

What Pedraforca offers, apart from its distinct shape, are many climbing and hiking opportunities. At the time of writing, a quick search of Wikiloc reveals that 7600 tracks have been uploaded for Pedraforca. These tracks range from very easy to very difficult and include as much or as little climbing as you would like.

If you have a car, you can reach Pedraforca in just under 2 hours. If you do not have a car, the journey on public transport will take at least 5 hours to the towns of Gósol, Sorribes, L’Espà or Saldes. This journey will require at least one train and two buses. Then you will have to hike from the very edges of the mountains (which may or not be what you want).

Upon reaching the top of Pedaforca, you will be awarded of some amazing views of the surrounding countryside as well as the foothills of the Pyrenees and the Pyrenees themselves. If you are staying for several days in Catalonia, love nature and are able to travel to Pedraforca, I would highly recommend the experience.

Here are some more photos from the area:

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