Cap Norfeu, Spain – A small peninsula in the large Mediterranean

In the province of Girona on the coast near the French border lies a small peninsula known as Cap Norfeu. Cap Norfeu juts into the Mediterranean and consists mostly of cliffs with some small coves and bays where the land gently lowers into the sea. These lowered areas often host small, somewhat secluded but public beaches.

While there are no towns on cities on Cap Norfeu, individuals have built houses on and very near to the cape (which is what Cap means in Catalan). This allows for relatively unspoiled views, such as this one:

In addition to the small, public, secluded beaches, the main draw of Cap Norfeu is hiking. Hiking trails cross the peninsula, often leading to the aforementioned beaches. While not crowded at any time of the year, it is normal to meet a few small groups (or couples or individuals) during your hike.

There is one additional feature to the peninsula: a ruined watchtower. It dates back to the medieval ages; it was used to watch the coast and report to fortifications further along the coast. The Spanish Civil War was the last time it saw action and has fallen into disuse and disrepair. The climb to the watchtower is steep and it sits on the edge of a cliff; I recommend sensible hiking shoes for the visit.

The flora found on the peninsula are hardy and can survive the winds and the rocky, dryer conditions that are characteristic of the area. The fauna is similarly hardy and mainly consists of bird species, which nest on the cliffs.

Here are some more photos of Cap Norfeu:

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