Mitaki-Dera: A Hidden Gem of Hiroshima

Tucked away on the verdant slopes of Mt. Mitaki, Mitaki-Dera temple is a serene sanctuary that whispers stories of history, spirituality, and natural beauty. Hidden in the depths of a lush forest in Hiroshima City, Japan, this peaceful Buddhist temple invites visitors to step back in time and immerse themselves in tranquillity, away from the bustling rhythm of city life.

History and Significance

Founded in 809 by a well-known monk named Kukai, Mitaki-Dera is significant in Japan’s religious landscape. The temple is affiliated with the Shingon sect of Buddhism, a denomination founded by Kukai himself. Throughout its history, the temple has served as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment and cultural heritage.

Mitaki-Dera’s name, “Three Waterfalls,” is inspired by the three cascades within its grounds. These falls are not only a picturesque sight but also a symbol of the temple’s deep reverence for nature.

Architecture and Features

Mitaki-Dera is an architectural marvel. Its main hall, pagoda, and other structures are built in the traditional Japanese style, their wooden facades merging harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

The temple’s primary deity is the Yakushi Nyorai, the Buddha of Healing and Medicine, and his statue resides in the main hall. Other notable features include a beautiful two-story pagoda, originally from Hiroshima Castle and relocated here in 1951, and several Jizo statues, protectors of travellers and children in the Japanese Buddhist tradition.

Nature and Scenery

Nature is an integral part of the Mitaki-Dera experience. The temple is surrounded by a thick shroud of forest that offers a calming green vista. The air is filled with the soothing sound of the three waterfalls cascading into a stream and the chatter of birds hidden among the trees.

Visitors can enjoy a stroll along the temple’s winding paths, enveloped in seasonal beauty. Autumn brings a breathtaking display as the leaves transform into vivid hues of red and gold, while spring adorns the temple with delicate cherry blossoms.


Mitaki-Dera is not just a temple; it is a journey into the heart of Japan’s religious and cultural heritage, a soothing retreat into nature, and a potent symbol of peace. Whether you’re seeking spiritual solace, a connection with history, or simply a tranquil place to unwind, Mitaki-Dera promises an unforgettable experience. With every step you take on its mossy stone paths, you are walking through a narrative that is centuries old, yet still vibrantly alive.

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