Granada, Spain – The City

As I mentioned in my last post, Granada Capital (the city as opposed to the province) is a place where I absolutely loved living and I would return to in a heartbeat if I could. The city, especially in the centre and older neighbourhoods, has a wonderful charm that harks back to Moorish control of the area. Many examples of traditional Arabic and Northern African influences are abundant throughout the city, especially in the centre and the older areas.

An typical arched door, serving as the entrance to a private garden.

The city is also planned quite well keeping the heat and sun in mind as buildings are built very close together and the majority of streets are quite small and narrow, which has the effect of keeping them in the shade for most of the day. Some of the large streets that see a lot of foot traffic have also been covered by giant sheets at the level of the roofs so that they are mostly covered by shade and the pedestrians underneath will be sheltered (let’s face it, it was done for the tourists from Northern Europe so that they don’t burn themselves to a crisp).

A view of the Sierra Nevada mountains from the Albaicín.

One of the best places to see examples of the architecture in Granada is in the Albaicín. It actually dates back before the Nasrid Kingdom based at Granada around the year 1000 to (potentially, although it hasn’t been proven conclusively) the time of the Roman Empire. The Albaicín is full of alabaster-white buildings and some steep streets can be found there as it rises up the side of one of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range.

A view of the Albaicín from the Alhambra.

Here are some more photos from around the city:

Travelling to Granada

If you are planning to go to Granada, you can do so via either the Granada-Jaén airport (if yours flies directly there) or by taking a coach (long-distance bus) from the airport in Malaga. You can also access the city via train and coach from other locations as well.

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