Ruine Hochburg, Germany – Defending the entrance to the Black Forest

As I promised those who follow this blog on Instagram, this blog post is on the Ruine Hochburg (High Castle Ruins).

The Ruine Hochburg is located in Baden-W├╝rttemberg near Freiburg im Breisgau between the villages of Emmendingen (where I used to live) and Sexau. Originally known as Hachberg, the castle was built in the 11th century by the von Emmendingen family. They even renamed themselves to von Hachberg. During its first 4 centuries, it survived many wars. This included the German Peasant’s War of 1525, part of the religious wars that occurred as a result of the Reformation.

The Castle went through a dark period during the Thirty Years War. It surrendered after a siege and was destroyed; A few years later is stood again only for the French to destroy it in 1681. They did not want anyone to use it as a base against them. What remained was further destroyed by peasant revolts and the retreating French in 1688.

It is very obvious to see why the castle stood here. The castle sits on an isolated hill that looks out over the historical region of Breisgau in the Rhein Valley between the Rhein River and the Black Forest. You can see for many miles/kilometres in all directions.

Today, the the state looks after Ruine Hochburg through a specially run programme. It attracts many tourists every year and provides wonderful views of the surrounding area. Especially on clear days, one can easily see the Swiss Alps and far into France (which is only a few kilometres away).

Looking towards Emmendingen, the nearest town

Here are some more photos from the ruins:

Visiting Ruine Hochburg

Ruine Hochburg is free to visit and is completely open-air and uncontrolled. It can be reached by car and a local bus, although you will need to walk a bit for the bus.

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