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Andalucia is an amazing place. Located in Southern Spain, the province of Andalucia contains some of Spain’s best-known cities, including Granada, Málaga, Seville and Cádiz. The adventures I’ve had primarily cover the areas of Granada and Jaén.

My first ever adventure here was when I was 16 in 2009. As a birthday present my aunt and uncle took my grandmother and me to Granada for nearly a week. We stayed within the city then, exploring the Alhambra, the Albaícin and the city in general. It was an amazing experience and it leads to my next adventure here:

When I was training to be a teacher, I had the option of where I wanted to get my practical experience. One of those options was Granada, so I had the great fortune of living in Granada for summer 2017. I was able to not only explore the city further but also some of the surrounding areas as I had access to a car. It was amazing.

I also made several friends through my training at this point. One of those friends lives in Jaén, so I was able to take a weekend trip to visit her and see the city. It was a whole different side. Each province within Andalucia has its own cultural flavouring, special foods and climate that is different from other parts of Spain.


So should you visit? Absolutely! Andalucia has an amazing blend of Spanish and Moorish history and architecture. The weather is hot, the beaches are great and the food is amazing! Even better: in many places you can salir bebiendo, meaning you go out for lunch and just order drinks (also nonalcoholic ones). With that drink comes free tapas, which is definitely a plus! It makes for a great meal that is not only light on the waist but also light on the wallet.

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