Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, Wales – Mum wants to live by the sea

Pembrokeshire is well known for its Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. Can you guess where it is?Pembrokeshire. Can you guess what it contains? The majority of the Pembrokeshire coast. The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is also the only national park in the UK created primarily for coastal areas. The only non-contiguous parts are a few port towns such as Pembroke Docks around to Milford Haven and Fishguard.

This coastline is an idyllic mix of jagged cliffs and sandy beaches. Want to see all 186 miles (300 km) of the coast? Simply walk along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, a designated National Trail in Wales. If you have some time, I highly recommend taking a trip to experience this coastline for yourself.

How to get there

You can reach Pembrokeshire National Coast Park by car directly. You can also take a coach to Haverfordwest (e.g. National Express 508 from London) and then take one of the local buses to one of the many villages within the park. There are no restrictions for entering (e.g. time, price, etc) and there are no hard barriers, so you can go anywhere as long as you are on public property or an official trail.

If you like hiking along the coast with cliffs and beaches, I would recommend spending multiple days in the area. There are hotels, B&Bs, AirBnB rentals and other options for you. You should check before going in terms of camping; I am not sure what can be done where.

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