Pyrenees Mountains, Spain – Hiking the border

If you are ever on the Spanish-Andorran-French border, you have to be blind to miss the Pyrenees Mountains. Or I guess you are passing through the tunnel that now runs underneath the mountains on the motorway. The mountains rise high in the sky. Much of the Pyrenees Mountain range is in national parks; the respective governments protect these areas in terms of development and industry.

Historically, the Pyrenees Mountains have been quite important; they have divided the Iberian Peninsula from the rest of Europe providing a natural, defensive barrier to the various Spanish and Catalan kingdoms. Many of the the peaks are over 3,000 metres (9,800+ feet). The Pyrenees provided a good source of iron and coal; some still coomes from there today.

Today, the Pyrenees attracts eco-tourists more than any other group. It is easy to see why: abundance of nature trails, skiing opportunities (especially in Andorra), and a range of climates. The famous Tour de France also has a few routes (such as the Vuelta de EspaƱa), which pass amongst the Pyrenees. The Pyrenees also are a great spot for mountaineering (well, they are mountains) and climbing. A form of dog-mushing called Pirena originates here. Maybe that is something you can do when you visit!

Here are some more photos from hiking around the area:

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