Mercantour, France – Franco-Italian beauty

After Marseille, the next stop on our tour last summer was Mercantour National Park (Parc national du Mercantour) on the border between France and Italy (which we crossed into unknowingly). This part of France is sparsely inhabited as most of the population of the area lives along the coast. Only small villages, many of them abandoned, can be found in the park. So why go there, one may ask. The answer is for nature. The scenery is breathtaking, no matter whether the sun is shining or the day is overcast. There are also many places to camp in the area.

Mercantour has a lot of natural features to offer. It is in the foothills of the Alps (meaning where they begin, not that they are necessarily hills as some of the ridges are really quite high) with many lakes, forests, and plains.

On our trip, we were only able to stop for the day (arrive one night, camp, hike all day, camp, continue early in the morning) and I think that it was potentially to short a time period. In other words, I will definitely be going back!

Here are some more images from around Mercantour:

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