Arlon, Belgium – Religious overload

Our trip to Arlon in Belgium was quite unexpected but well worth the trip. The train line between Luxembourg City and Arlon (a friend was heading to Namur) was closed; instead we drove her to Arlon. As we arrived an hour before the train departed, we decided to visit the local church and it was not a disappointment.

The local church is St. Martin’s and it has wonderful glass windows. Whereas most stained glass windows have muted colours, the stained glass windows in this church are in very strong, powerful colours. When the light comes through the windows in the afternoon, the colours covering the entire spectrum of the rainbow project rainbows into the interior of the church and give it new life.

If you happen to be passing through the area, I would recommend a quick stop to visit this church. You need a maximum of 30 minutes due to its size (the vast majority is just a choir – the main hall of a church – with a small nave) and it breaks up a long trip quite nicely.

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