Barbados Beaches Appreciation Post

Barbados is the eastern-most island in the Caribbean. It was known historically for its sugar and rum production. Barbados is also the birth place of several famous people, the most prominent in pop culture being Rihanna, and has miles upon miles of beautiful coastline. It is the coastline which I would like to share with you in this post because Barbados Beaches are beautiful!

Barbados is a dichotomy: the western shore, which faces the Caribbean, is relatively flat with sandy beaches and relatively calm waves. The eastern, Atlantic shore is more rocky and features high waves. This is partially due to elevation of Barbados on the eastern side; going from the western side, it rises up slowly before dropping sharply to the ocean.

With these two different sides of Barbados draws visitors looking for both sunbathing and snorkeling opportunities on the western side as well as surfing opportunities on the eastern side.

You can enjoy the beaches on the western side of the island year-round. The average temperature stays around 30°C for all 12 months. The surf season on the eastern side is a little more limited at 8 months of the year (Novemeber to June).

The southern coast also offers surfing opportunities if you have an interest. The surf here is powerful, so authorities recommend surfing at low tide. It is also close to restaurants, clubs and the capital city while the eastern coast is somewhat more remote.

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