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If you are going to Andorra, most likely you are going either to hike or ski. Or you are going to evade tax, but that is a different story entirely. We ended up in Andorra after visiting France to spend time with parents and enjoy nature. One of the places that you can hike in Andorra, in the province of Ordino, is the Llacs de Tristaina. Three lakes make up the Llacs, which lies in a small valley in the Pyrenees surrounded by mountains.

The peaks overlook these three lakes and form the border between France and Andorra. Hiking around the lakes is an easy trail. It starts at the car park of the nearby ski resort. There are also ski lifts to take you to the top of one of the mountains where there is a restaurant. The peaks trail is much more difficult. The lakes themselves are essentially flat and an easy route. Warning: you do have to climb up around 350 metres/1000 feet to get there from the car park. The peaks are more difficult, requiring a climb of 2.2 kilometres/1.5 miles over 9.1 kilometres/5.7 miles hiking. That is quite a steep climb. This hike does also require some calling of rocks, so be prepared to get your hands dirty and to do some climbing.

Many other hikes go through the Llacs de Tristaina area, including hikes that cross multiple countries (such as the GR hikes). Andorra in total has 5 and the ‘tour of the lakes’ (GR2) goes around the lakes, up the peaks, and down the other side in this part of Andorra where it crosses into and continues on in France.

Here are some more photos from the lakes:

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