Agua Caliente, Tucson, Arizona – An Oasis in the Desert

Tucson sits in a desert and has the climate to match. Everywhere you look, there is sand, dust, Saguaro cacti (cactuses) and other spikey plants. You can see a perfect example of the typical, unspoilt landscape at Saguaro National Park, Arizona. However there is also some water here as well – Agua Caliente.

Agua Caliente is an oasis in the desert and one of the few sources of water. Featuring a natural warm spring, it has supposed human life in this region for at least 5,500 years. No one is completely sure why sometimes the spring pumps lots of water and at other times very little. Snow- and rainfall in the mountains definitely influences it as well as underground channels, fissures and cracks in the rock. The heat from the earth (from an unknown heat source) also plays a big part.

During its time it has supported entire communities, been a health spa and a ranch and is now a park and desert oasis for visitors to enjoy.

There are several trails that go around the park that you can enjoy. Some of these also have green, grassy spaces that dogs will love. You can also do some wilderness trails here that will go between the main lake and other standing bodies of water.

If you are interested in art, another draw in this park is the Agua Caliente Ranch, which hosts an art gallery. This is only open at certain times though and is staffed by volunteers. Current opening hours are available on the Pima County website.

The park has free parking and also hosts some events. Check their website (above) for more details, dates and possible fees for the events. Otherwise the park is free to visit.

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