Yet another update

Hello everyone,

Thanks again for coming back to my blog/website. Since the last update, several things have happened, which is why I have not been writing nearly as often here as I was planning on doing when I first started. There is an exceptionally good reason for that; I just moved to the UK!

“The UK?!? But what about Germany,” you may ask. Well, while it is unfortunate that it exists, fortunately the COVID pandemic means that all teaching in Germany at the university level is online (and has been since March) and will be until at least March 2021, so I am fine in professional terms for this upcoming semester, which is about to start. This means I could be anywhere in the world as long as I have a stable internet connection and a computer with a web camera. So why the UK?

Well if you read my last update, you will remember that my relationship was having difficulties and my grandfather had recently died. Since then my long-term relationship has ended, so the move to the UK allows me to do two things: support my grandmother emotionally and also have a place to live while I figure out where my life is going.

I think the first of those points is somewhat self-explanatory. For the second point my life has been on hold a bit in terms of development and moving forward with some of the things I want to do with my life because of where my relationship was an what my ex was doing. Now that it is no longer a concern, I can focus on myself and what I want to do. Two things that come to mind are:

  1. Do a PhD – If I were to do a PhD, it would be in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) specialising in ESAP (English for Specific Academic Purposes, a fancy term encompassing scientific, medical and technical English). At the moment I am not sure where I want to do it, although I do have some universities in mind. This PhD would be done in the UK, so moving to the UK now would make this transition much easier if I choose this route, which would be in September 2021. A PhD would allow me to get a more stable position with a contract at a university rather than the freelance lecturing positions (with contracts that must be renewed every semester) that I have had until now. This would be more of a vertical move in terms of moving up the career ladder.
  2. Teaching in the Far East for a few years – Since I started teaching almost 4 years ago, it has been exclusively in (western) Europe. Something that I have been interested in doing is teaching somewhere in the Far East, like South Korea or Japan, in a position at a university like the ones I have now. This would be more of a lateral move to have a different experience.

These are the two ideas that I have been playing around with most recently. They are not mutually exclusive and can be done one after the other. The question then becomes: which do I want to do first? If I do both, does it make sense to do one before the other? Does the COVID situation change anything at the moment in terms of which one is more feasible? Which one would open more doors? Is there an external reason to do one before the other (e.g. some programmes in the Far East want teachers under a certain age)?

These are all questions that I will be figuring out over the next few months. When I know something, you will also hear about it! For now, sit back and enjoy as this website returns to its usually programming. Hope you can join us again!

Yours truly,


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