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Three Cliffs Bay, Wales – A coastal retreat

Are you looking for an unlikely beach where there aren’t many people? Would you consider going anywhere north of Ibiza? Well, if you answered yes to these questions (or at least the second one), then have I got a beach to show you!! This is Three Cliffs Bay:

Not far from the city of Swansea in Wales is a piece of land known as the Gower Peninsula. To people in the UK, the Gower is very well known and one of the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but to many people, the Gower is all but unknown. 

It would easily take hundreds of pages to describe the wonders that one can find on the Gower alone, let alone the rest of Wales and the UK but I would like to present one of my favourite places on the Gower known as Three Cliffs Bay. 

One of the world’s top beaches

So maybe you are now thinking, why would I go to the UK for a beach? Spain is warmer and sunnier. While that may be true, I would argue that the beach material quality in Wales is generally better than in Spain. The sand is very fine, which gives it a very silky feeling to the skin. To me, some of the Spanish beaches feel quite coarse in comparison. For someone who likes burying their feet in the sand, I will quite happily take the Welsh varieties, thank you very much! 

Also, why not go to one beach and get four for the price of zero?!? At high tide, the beach splits into three different sections, each with its own characteristics (Pobbles Bay Beach to the east is stonier while Tor Beach is rockier due to the cliffs) and these are all disconnected from Oxwich Beach further around the coast. At low tide, all of these beaches become one. 

Feeling a bit guilty that human presence may be ruining this area? Don’t worry! The beach is routinely certified as a Blue Flag beach!

Thanks for reading! Want to do some more exploring? Have a look at the travel map:

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