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Peak District, England – The land of inspiration

The Peak District in England is a national park that draws an estimated 20 million people every year. They hike around the rural areas, including farmland, moorland, hills and the peaks themselves.


Historically this area has been very important to England and the UK as a whole. Settlements of the area have been dated back to the Mesolithic period and has been inhabited almost continuously since. From the Mesolithic peoples to the Romans and Anglo-Saxons, people have farmed this area for a long time; the Middle Ages saw the introduction of mining and eventually quarrying to the area.

Tourism the the industry of the modern area for the Peak District. The area is the oldest National Park in the UK, founded in 1951. Along with thousands of kilometres of possible hiking trails (the Boundary Trail, for instance, is 310 km around the district), the area also has spa towns, caves and the Bakewell, the largest settlement in the District.


The Peak District can be reached by either road or rail and, with its proximity to Manchester, is very easy to reach. Full-day hikes around the area are ten a penny and it is possible to hike from one side to another. For those who are less adventurous or unable to hike the entire day, you can also drive to the settlements inside the national park and hike smaller trails from these points.

My recommendation is to spend a long weekend in the Peak District with the focus on nature. Go with some friends and have some quality time while enjoying the beautiful landscape! Here are some more photos from the Peak District:

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