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What is TTTR? What can I do/find here?

TeachTranslateTravelRepeat (or TTTR for short) has three foci:

Teaching (the first T)

The first part is teaching. I am an English teacher for companies and universities and specialise in English for Specific Academic Purposes (e.g. Scientific English, Medical English, Technical English, etc). I teach classes, make online resources and help you get to the highest level possible.

Click on the images below for TTTR resources about English:


Scientific English:

Translating (the second T)

In addition to being a teacher, I am also a translator. I translate texts from German and Spanish to English and I’m trying to add other languages to the mix, such as Portuguese and Japanese.

My background (e.g. university degrees and some work experience) is in biological sciences and biomedical engineering. Now that I translate documents for a living, I specialise in scientific and medical texts with a focus on biological and biomedical texts. However I am willing to translate almost any document, except for legal documents. You couldn’t pay me enough money to touch legal English!

You can see a selection of my work here (or click the image).

Travelling (the third T)

When I am not teaching or translating, I am definitely travelling! Or sometimes I do two or three at the same time. I love teaching and translating, but travelling is my top passion. Seeing new things, meeting new people and getting to know new cultures are the reasons that I travel. I sometimes go back to spots I have visited previously.

Want to know where I have been? Use the interactive map below!

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Too much? Want to explore specific places or articles? Go to the Travelling the World page! There are more filter options there.

I was born too late to be the first to discover new continents and too early to explore space. I’ll just have to settle for seeing everything there is to see!

Jamie (creator of TTTR)

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