Quora – Why is soda water called soda water?

Original question: Why is soda water called soda water?

The term “soda” in water comes from approximately the 15th century and refers to the use of sodium carbonate or bicarbonate. This originally comes from the Italian sida, which means “a kind of saltwort”, which is where these substances were first obtained.

There are a few possible further ancestors to the Italian term (potentially Catalan or Arabic). “Soda” has also been used in other situations as well, such as “washing soda” (for cleaning clothes), “baking soda” (sodium bicarbonate that has often been used in baking), and “soda crackers” (where the main ingredient is sodium bicarbonate).

While nowadays soda water is pressured CO2 that has been added, the name “soda water” has stuck, meaning “carbonated water”.

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