Quora – What vivid verb should I use when someone “turns into” a zombie?

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Well, turns into means the same thing as become, so let’s look at synonyms for become:

  • come
  • develop into
  • grow into
  • turn into
  • convert
  • incline
  • mature
  • metamorphose
  • transform
  • shift
  • wax
  • alter to
  • assume form of
  • be converted to
  • be reduced to
  • be reformed
  • be remodeled
  • be transformed into
  • change into
  • come to be
  • emerge as
  • eventually be
  • pass into
  • ripen into
  • turn out

Of all of these synonyms, the passive forms (be+past participle) are probably not the vivid verbs you are thinking of using. The passive voice is not typically a voice with a strong emotion behind it. Some verbs also can be discarded because of their meaning. An example is mature. I doubt your character was born as a human and slowly became a zombie as they grew up. They also probably did not assume the form of a zombie, they actually became one (besides, a zombie’s form is the same as a normal human’s).

Of the rest of the verbs in the list, a lot will have to do with exactly with the situation. Each verb has its own shaded meaning and connotation. For example, metamorphose is usually used for insects that build cacoons to change into their adult forms (e.g. caterpillars metamorphose into butterflies). Similarly, emerge probably would be used in a similar context (butterflies emerge from the cacoon) and therefore is probably wrong for your situation unless they do actually emerge from something.

In short, I can only tell you which ones do not work from this list. You will have to give more information as to the situation.

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