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Jack the Ripper was a serial killer in eastern London (the Whitechapel district) between (potentially) 1888 and 1891. As the identity of Jack the Ripper was never identified, it is impossible to know what nationality he/she was. The name ‘Jack the Ripper’ comes from one of the letters to the police naming the killer as such. However, the letters came from multiple sources.

There were 11 brutal murders of female prostitutes that were connected with the Jack the Ripper serial killer, although only 5 are likely to be considered linked. These are known as the canonical five.

Unfortunately, now that everyone is dead, it is unlikely that the true identity of the serial killer will be discovered. Several theories were thrown around at the time:

  1. Jack the Ripper had to be regularly employed because the murders happened on the weekends and public holidays.
  2. Jack the Ripper was a doctor because of the way he removed internal organs from his victims.
  3. Jack the Ripper was an upper-class individual who came to the slums to do his killing.

Even if Jack the Ripper was from Whitechapel, his nationality would not necessarily be known. He could have been English or from one of the immigrant groups (Irish and Jews from Russia were two large groups) in the area. As no one is alive today who would remember or know any first-hand details, it is highly unlikely that any of the cases of Jack the Ripper will be solved. So was Jack the Ripper German? Possible but not very likely.

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