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Flourishing is an adjective because it is used to modify a noun:

  • The flourishing economy (adjective)

I pronounced flourish (using the International Phonetic Alphabets) as: /ˈflʌrɪʃ/. There are two syllables with the stress on the first one, which becomes something like: FLUR-ish (the U is pronounced like the U in up). Another pronunciation is: /ˈflərɪʃ/ (something like FLER-ish, ER pronounced like -er in teacher).

If you want to learn more about the International Phonetic Alphabet, you can find a guide here: International Phonetic Alphabet and Phonemic Alphabets

Flourishing was first used in the late 14th century to mean “propsering, thriving” [1]. It was used from the early 14th century to mean “full of flowers”. It is derived from the verb flourish, which came from the Old French floriss-, which was the stem of the verb florir, which came from the Latin florere, all meaning “to bloom, blossom, flower”.

[1] Origin and meaning of flourishing by Online Etymology Dictionary

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