Vianden Castle, Luxembourg – The birthplace of the lowlands

After visiting Luxembourg City, our next stop was Vianden and its famous castle. Vianden lies in a valley along the GermanLuxembourg border where the river Our passes through. The town is located on both sides of the river and has grown along it rather than up the steep sides. It is also partially located in a small, branching valley.

The castle and town date back to the Romans, who built a fortification at the location where the medieval castle now stands (above the branching valley). The castle was built between the 11th and 14th centuries, which the Counts of Vianden called home (this family became the house of Nassau-Vianden, an ancestor of William of Orange of the Netherlands). Unfortunately, during the 18th century, the castle suffered from fire and earthquake damage and was sold off by the same family, now ruling in the Netherlands, to a merchant who stripped the castle, sold everything and left only a ruin. The castle was restored after 1977 when it was given by the Grand Dukes to Luxembourg.

Vianden was also important during the Second World War. Luxembourg Resistance fighters battled German forces in November 1944. There was also the final battle in Luxembourg in February 1945 when Vianden was freed from German control.

Vianden the town is also a nice place to just wander through. Houses of all different colours line the small streets and the valleys and nature around the town are also superb. Approximately 1800 people live in this small, picturesque village.

Other photos from in and around Vianden:

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