Bohemian Switzerland (Böhmische Schweiz), Czech Republic – A Walk in the Park

On the border between Germany and the Czech Republic lies a national park split by the two countries. The German side is Saxon Switzerland, named so by two artists employed by the court in Dresden who were from Switzerland (the Saxon part comes from the name of the state in which Dresden lies, Saxony). The Czech side is Bohemian Switzerland.


In comparison with Saxon Switzerland, Bohemian Switzerland is more rugged with steeper changes in elevation and more exposed rock. As such, it is a great area for both hiking and for rock climbing or bouldering. The Czech side of the park is a bit more wilder as the infrastructure is not as developed in this area as it is on the German side. As a result it is difficult to reach via public transport. However this does not stop those with their own forms of transportation, although the total number of visitors is less than in Saxon Switzerland.


Away from the major landmarks on the Czech side, it is likely that the trails are less maintained than on the German side. The German side also usually has some sort of handrails for the steep ascents on marked trails; the Czech side often does not.


If you are going to visit Bohemian Switzerland, I would definitely recommend having or renting a car for this journey as mentioned before. It is worth it for the wilderness, especially if you think that Saxon Switzerland is too “tamed” by humans. The Czech side will quickly dissuade you of that!

Here are some more images from the area:

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