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About TeachTranslateTravelRepeat and Me

Who are you?

Hello! My name is Jamie. I’m a freelance German-and-Spanish-to-English translator from the UK. I am also currently taking a break from being a German and English lecturer/teacher. I am currently based in Japan. My passions include teaching languages, translating, and travelling. This is what ultimately led me to create TeachTranslateTravelRepeat (TTTR).

But what is TTTR?

This website has many purposes. In essence, it is a bit of a scrapbook of my experiences. As the name suggests, it focuses on teaching, translating, and travelling. I try to update it with new content at regular intervals. Sometimes though, life gets in the way. The pandemic has also made it more difficult to travel, so some of the trips will be older ones where I have gone through my photos and shared what I could.

TeachTranslateTravelRepeat also has some of my photography. So far I have taken all of them using a smartphone. Any images that are not mine or not taken using a smartphone are stated in the image description.

One thing you won’t see much of is my face (in fact currently the only photo of me is my current CV photo). This is due to a couple of reasons:

  1. I don’t like being in photos. I have never liked the look of myself in photos, so I try to take as few as possible. This is much to the frustration of my mother especially, who only has a few photos of me since I left home and constantly wants more.
  2. I don’t like people in my photos when I am trying to take a picture of something else. Therefore I try to cut them out as much as possible.
  3. Most travel blogs seem to focus on the person rather than putting the experience first. In my opinion, this is wrong. I have the same philosophy on Instagram and Twitter: why follow people who take up at least 1/3rd of the photo? What is the focus? I don’t want to have to try to peer around the person in the photo, so I won’t inflict that on you either.
  4. You probably aren’t here to read about me. You want information about English or thinking about travelling to a destination and stumbled across my page. What I had for breakfast probably doesn’t interest you. Rather you want to know about the local food. In that case, why put my face on everything?

That’s interesting but I want some more information

To contact me for any reason (work, translation, fashion/travel tips, funny cat photos, etc.), please use the Contact form! Alternatively, you can email me at TeachTranslateTravelRepeat

If you are looking for an English or German teacher, click here for an updated version of my teaching CV. If you are looking for a translator (or another, similarly related language worker), click here for an updated version of my translation CV.

You can also see a list of my most important translation work here.

Want to get a head start exploring TeachTranslateTravelRepeat? I definitely recommend the Interactive World Map or the Learning English page.

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